Are you thinking of hiring a painter in Vancouver, BC?
Whether this is for interior or exterior work, your business or home, there are some things you will want to know when hiring a painting company in Vancouver.
We have compiled a thoughtful list that will help you hire the right company for the job!

Is the painting company or painting contractor insured?
Your home and your business are your most valuable assets, and you should keep them protected. What kind of damage could a painter do? If they are not careful, a lot and unforeseen accidents can happen with the best contractors or servicemen in any field.
Make sure you hire a painting contractor in Vancouver with solid liability insurance and keep your home or business protected.

Hire a painting company with WorkSafeBC coverage.
Before you hire a painting company or contractor, you should always make sure that their business is registered with WorkSafeBC and making payments as required. If it is not, you can be held responsible for its premiums. If you are unsure, you can check the registration and payment status of a business if you get a clearance letter from WorkSafeBC.

Hire a company with experience.
Just like anything, experience matters! When hiring a painter in Vancouver, look for a solid portfolio, a professional website, and social media pages. It is also important to look for testimonials and reviews. Hiring a painting company with some pedigree could save you a lot time and money!

Only hire a painting company in Vancouver that offers written contracts and a guarantee.
Here today and gone tomorrow? We have all heard that story before! Now that you have found a painting company with experience, make sure they will stand behind their work and put it in writing. A sign of a good company is a solid contract. Painting companies in Vancouver that offer a guarantee on their work will offer you quality service after the job is complete and could save you thousands. Besides, having that peace of mind will keep you sleeping soundly at night.

Look for a company using high quality and environmentally friendly products.
You are painting your home or business so that it looks its best, right? Discount contractors will often use discount paints and product, which means your home or business will suffer when it comes to finish and durability. You want to hire a painting company that uses high quality paint from companies like Sherwin-Williams and Dulux. Brands like these offer the best paint products, the richest colours, and, quality, and durability you are looking for.

At EB Painting we pride ourselves on being the best painters in Vancouver, BC. If you have a question or if you’re interested in a hiring a painter in Vancouver, BC, contact us now!

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