5 Curb Appeal Ideas for Your Home

Good Ideas for Curb Appeal

Making the exterior of your home look pleasing is what curb appeal is all about. Whether you are in a buying or selling phase or just want to deliver a great impression for several possible reasons, a clean fresh exterior implies so much more about you and the rest of your home.

People do judge a home by its cover. Curb appeal may sound superficial, but it is just plain smart. It also sounds like it might involve a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to, and it won’t necessarily have to cost a lot of money.

We offer a few simple and easy steps that will have a major impact on your home’s exterior.

The Simple Easy Steps

Yard work: One of the most attractive and inviting elements to how a home looks from the curb is a well-kept garden. This activity can be relaxing and therapeutic for many people. A struggling flower bed can actually detract from the overall look of your home. The definition of a weed is a misplaced plant. People notice this, so pull the weeds, and lay down some fresh mulch. Your garden will love you for it. You might even plant some new flowers. Different plants bloom at different times of the year. If you select plants that either bloom or produce fruit at different times of the year, there will always be something attractive.

If space is an issue, try planter boxes, or place potted plants in your doorway. People associating aesthetically with western civilization like symmetry and order. It is a sign that everything is neat and tidy.

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Lawn care: If you have a lawn, one way to set off a tidy look is to keep the lawn mowed, weeded, watered and fed. Keep it green. It isn’t complicated, maybe a bit tedious. Let’s face it, lawns aren’t for everyone, but if you have one, caring for it makes all the difference. Or hire a lawn care company, that way it is sure to stay on a schedule.

Detailing: Details add up. It is easy to miss each little thing, but at some point, it becomes noticeable. Little things like replacing old house numbers with new ones, make a big difference. Paint your mailbox or buy a new one. A charming new doormat is another nice touch, and a great opportunity to express your own style. Sometimes a simple piece of exterior art can add a touch of charm.

Wash down the property: The result of winter weather can detract from a clean and neat look. Pay attention to things like gutters, your driveway, sidewalks, windows, and siding. These are areas that grime and debris collect over the winter. You may simply need a good washing down with a hose, but many times it is tougher to get stains and stubborn dirt cleaned off. For that, you may need a thorough power washing. There are also some pretty fragile areas of your home, so you may consider a professional cleaning company.

Outdoor mood lighting: Lighting has a bigger influence on our perception than one would imagine. Outdoor lighting can really set a mood. A string of lights can make a yard look more inviting in the evenings. It becomes a space that you want to be in, instead of a dark and foreboding look. A lighted garden pathway is also charming.

Paint trim and accents: If painting the entire home is a bit ambitious for you, think about dressing up your home’s exterior look by adding colour to the accents of the exterior like doors, garage door, trim, fence, or gutters.

Give it a fresh coat: Of course, if you really want to dress things up and give your home some serious curb appeal, painting your home has the biggest impact. This can be done quickly and for a reasonable amount of money. Sticking to more neutral tones will make your curb appeal more appealing to more people. Brighter, or stronger colours could be used for accents.


The Experts at EB Painting

Improving curb appeal can be accomplished rather cheaply and easily. All these details add up to an overall effect. The fasted and safest way to make the biggest impact is to put a fresh coat of paint on your home’s exterior. Contact EB Painting and let us transform your home.