Bridging the Gap…

Bridging the Gap…

Client Profile:

Residential-Duplex – Multiple Owners with very different opinions.

The Challenge:

  • Property had not been painted in 15 years and was in need of a refresh.
  • Providing both clients with solutions for different needs and expectations.
  • Gutters and Downspouts required re-painting.
  • Multiple cracks and holes needed to be repaired in the stucco.
  • The property had a lot of mildew build-up that had to be power washed before painting could begin.
  • The customers had brand new fences that needed to be protected before the winter weather arrived.

Our Solution:

  • In light of the multiple perspectives regarding the outcome of the project in terms of look and colors we provided recommendations that would appease both parties in the decision-making process.
  • Ensure that proper preparation prep work was completed to achieve long-term property protection.
  • All areas were kept clean and tidy throughout the duration of the project so residents could still enjoy their outdoor space.
  • Gutters and downspouts were thoroughly washed, sanded, and coated with high-quality direct-to-metal paint to ensure the longevity of these areas.
  • We kept in constant communication with each client to ensure they were informed and up to date with the project

The Results:

  • The property experience was enhanced for both owners. The fresh colors and the final outcome increased the property value, curb appeal, and overall feel of the property.
  • Long-term protection was achieved by using high-quality products and by applying multiple coats to all areas being painted.
  • Rather than spending more money changing gutters and downspouts, we were able to save our clients’ money by painting them with specialized products to match the rest of the house.
  • All fences were coated with a high-quality stain product that looks great and offers long-lasting protection to wood surfaces.
  • We brought an exceptional experience in customer service and received recommendations from both clients once the project was completed.

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