Commercial Painting at a Vancouver College

Commercial Painting in a Vancouver College

When it comes to your business or office space, interior painting can be a challenge. At Even Better Painting, we know that it is essential for your business to continue running smoothly without being interrupted by interior painting. See how we helped a Vancouver college revive their space for learning over the spring break!

Client Profile

  • Newlink College came to us with a tight schedule to have their offices and classrooms professionally painted. The college offers a variety of programs and lessons at their Vancouver campus, and the walls were in need of a refresh.

  • We painted all walls, doors, and door frames in the 2000 square foot space, as well as a vibrant green feature wall in the reception area.

The Challenge: Meeting a tight deadline

We worked with Newlink College to complete a large and complex painting job in a short period of time over the school’s spring break. It was important that the interior painting project was completed within the spring break time frame so students and staff would return to a beautiful learning environment.

The Solution:

In order to ensure that the project went smoothly, we:

  • Provided a dedicated project manager for their project. This helped to streamline communication and keep the project on track. As a top painting contractor in Vancouver, we assign a project manager to all of our projects, no matter how big or small.

  • Worked outside of regular business hours while there were no staff or students in the office.

  • Offered a complimentary colour consultation with a partnering interior designer to help with colour selection. This helped to ensure that the clients would be happy with the colours, and helped to expedite the colour selection process.

The Challenge: Choosing the right products for the job

In commercial spaces, choosing the right paint is essential. In these high traffic areas, we needed to use a high-quality paint that could withstand scuffing and could be easily cleaned. Because students and staff would be returning to the office shortly after the painting was completed, we also needed to make sure the classrooms and offices would be safe and comfortable to return to shortly after the painting was completed.

The Solution: High-quality, low VOC paints

  • Our experienced estimators chose Dulux Diamond interior paint and Dulux Lifemaster paint for this project. These products are quick-drying and stain resistant, making them perfect for the commercial space. They are also easy to scrub clean!

  • VOCs are organic components that are often found in paint. They cause “paint smell” and have been known to cause headaches and other health issues to people using a freshly painted space. We chose low VOC paints so the staff and students would be comfortable when they returned to the college shortly after the painting was completed.

We are so happy with how this completed project looks! With the help of our professional Vancouver painters, Newlink College now has a completed paint job that will last them for years to come.

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