Our Process

Exterior Painting Process

In Preparation:

  • We will require a key/fob to your property for the duration of the painting project so we have reasonable access. If there are any codes we need to know about please let us know in advance.

  • We will need you to consider where we can park our vehicle/s and advise us of our options in advance.

  • We will need all applicable areas to be accessible and ready for redecoration. Ideally, this involves rooms being empty and all valuables, wall hangings, furniture, and fixtures removed and fixed surfaces cleared. However, we understand this is not always possible and we are prepared to be flexible if this is not the case. If the furniture is pushed to the center of the room to be covered we will require a minimum of 1.5 meters from all walls and reasonable access to the ceilings if they’re being painted. We’ll always do our best to help out if we know what we’re dealing with in advance. If we’re not informed and the necessary provisions haven’t been made for us to carry out our work, additional costs will be incurred at an hourly rate. We cannot be held responsible for damage to any breakables left exposed on the job site.

  • All areas and surfaces to be painted must be in a reasonable state of cleanliness. If they are not we will require that they be cleaned before we start.

  • We cannot work around pets so please ensure they are removed from the property. It is not safe for them to be present as there’ll be potential hazards and toxic products all around the site.

  • We require concentration in order to execute our tasks and are working to tight deadlines in order to get the task complete for you so we would politely ask for minimal distractions of any form.

  • If the areas to be painted are poorly lit, i.e. light fixtures have been removed for redecoration, we will require prior warning so we can make the necessary provisions.

  • If there is no power in any particular area we will need to be informed in advance.

  • If there are other trades due to be working on the same property we will need their contact details and 48 hours notice so we can liaise and ensure we are both able to carry out our work effectively. Painting should ideally be the final trade-in any renovation project as we require minimal dust in order to achieve a proper finish. We cannot take responsibility for any damage caused to our work by other trades on-site at the same time we are there. Equally, we are not responsible for any damage caused by trades prior to our departure and completion of our obligations.

  • We will require notice of any cancellation at least 48 hours in advance. Failure to advise us of any changes to our agreed contractual dates within this time period will cause considerable disruption and cost to the company and will have to be compensated at the owner’s discretion.

  • We will require access to a bathroom.

  • If there is no access to running water we will need prior warning.

  • If you don’t want us to use any sinks for cleaning please let us know.

  • All specialist floor coverings and protection are to be agreed upon before commencement of the work and installation, should you require it, will be charged for as a separate cost.

  • You, the client, have discussed with us the ‘Level of Finish’ that you are expecting and have communicated any uncertainty with us prior to our painting. Please ask if this has not been properly discussed and agreed upon.

  • We ask that you take full responsibility for any changes made to our agreed plan and schedule on your part and understand that they may affect both the cost and date of completion. This includes any change of mind with regard to colour choice.

While On-Site:

  • You understand that painting can be an intrusive process and we may need to occupy all or the majority of your space depending on the extent of the work being carried out. We always advise that you, your family, and/or your tenants aren’t inhabiting the property while we’re there but understand that this is not always possible. Please ensure that the property or areas being painted are vacant or if not that we are aware of your movements and can plan accordingly.

  • We always aim to leave our painted surfaces as consistently smooth and blemish-free as per the level of finish that we have agreed upon. However, we cannot be held responsible for problem areas and defects in any of your drywall that are due to poor drywall installation or natural movement/subsidence in the property. Significant drywall issues and damage will need to be dealt with by a professional drywall expert prior to decoration and it is the responsibility of the owner/manager to organize that trade where necessary. We will advise as to where this may be required during the consultation process for all visible areas. As painters, our responsibility, above level 2 painting finish, is to sand out nibs and bumps, fill minor cracks and dents in walls/ ceilings/trim, and caulk all edges, where there is flex and minor movement, with the appropriate acrylic sealant. Certain paints, usually ones with a higher sheen, can highlight problem areas and cause inconsistencies in drywall to be more pronounced on application. Obviously, this is no fault of our own, though we will always advise and work towards a solution where this is the case.

  • Occasionally it may be the case that a surface has been poorly prepared by the previous painter or the wrong product used. This can have a significant effect on our agreed preparation and process. We ask that you fully acknowledge this and work with us towards an agreed solution if necessary. We will always use our expertise to help to find the quickest, best way forward in these or any other irregular circumstances.

  • Different paints require different temperatures in order to cure and dry properly. Ambient conditions have an effect on the quality of their application and adhesion, and the subsequent longevity you can expect from the product. On exterior projects, we will always advise you when conditions are inappropriate for painting and we’ll use our knowledge of paint products to make the correct call. For interior products, we always advise that the property is not left cool or cold 48 hours prior to our start date and that the heating remains on or above 10 degrees during our scheduled works. Problems such as fillers not drying and paint bubbling are just two examples of what can occur if there is not a reasonable thermal temperature in the surfaces and substrates to be painted.

  • Paints can and do vary in their finish, coverage, and application. We will always advise you towards our known and trusted products but we ask that you understand and acknowledge this and exercise patience if an unfamiliar product poses challenges. Different coloured paints and products may well require different treatments and more than two coats. Equally some products may require an element of trial and error. We will happily work with you to achieve your desired finish and agree on a course of action prior to commencement if this is the case.

  • Access can be a key challenge on both interior and exterior painting projects and may require your input. We will discuss all areas of access and agree on the best solution during the consultation. As you can no doubt appreciate, this is not always straightforward but the health and safety of both you and our staff are of key importance to us. Access to awkward areas may require you to liaise with us in order to find a solution that we are happy with. We are not prepared to undertake any work that we deem to be either hazardous or a risk to the health of our staff. A boom lift or scaffolding may be required to complete the task and we ask that you comply with our requirements.

  • While in the process of painting will require your assistance with storing our tools, ladder, and paint supply where is most convenient and less invasive to you.

Post Production:

  • With regards to site cleanliness, we will tidy up at the end of each day and keep a sense of order as much as we possibly can. At the end of the job, we will remove all of our garbage and all floors and surfaces will be left in a reasonable condition, free of paint splatter. All covers, fixtures, and fittings will be replaced and we’ll aim to vacuum the majority of dust. However, given the nature of our work and the subsequent dust and upheaval created, we always advise a full post-project deep-clean by professional cleaners in order to achieve optimum cleanliness. We ask you to acknowledge that final cleaning is not part of our quote and understand that it is a standard final process in any interior refurbishment, renovation, or painting project.

  • As with any business cash flow is essential in order for us to continue operating. As such we require payment in 3 parts for any project over 10 days. (Deposit, Progress Payment, and Final Payment).

  • At completion of the project remaining paint will be left behind with the client.