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Tackling a painting project on your own requires a considerable amount of time, resources, risk, and skill. From small rooms in your home to major exterior undertakings, why not trust the professionals to deliver a final product that you can be proud of? With combined decades of experience, the Coquitlam painting contractor team of Even Better Painting has built a reputation as one of the best local options for all painting projects – big or small. Both Coquitlam interior painting and exterior painting are well within our wheelhouse, and our team of professionals is always eager to help give your building a brand new look.

Coquitlam Residential Painting

Whether you are moving into a new home and want to customize its look, are preparing to sell your home and need to return it to neutral colours to improve its marketability, or just want to give your house a new look, our Coquitlam painting contractor team is here for you. Residential painting in Coquitlam is no easy task, and our expert staff is here for you.

No matter the size, Coquitlam interior painting projects will always cause some interruption to your daily life. Professional contractors can reduce this impact by working quickly and efficiently while dedicating all of their time to what they do best. Instead of worrying about buying paints and all of the associated equipment, in addition to actually painting your home, leave that to the professionals. We deliver an impressive interior completed both affordably and efficiently.

While interior painting can be demanding, Coquitlam exterior painting is a real challenge. There is considerable risk for any exterior painting project, as oftentimes painters will need to use extendable ladders or scaffolding to fully reface the outside of your home. These projects also tend to be much more involved, and hiring a professional crew is the best way to ensure they are completed safely while also exceeding your expectations.

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Coquitlam Commercial Painting

Coquitlam commercial painting projects are critical to showcasing all that your business, office, or strata property has to offer. It may seem like a small thing, but well-painted interiors and exteriors communicate to potential customers just what kind of operation you are running. Let our Coquitlam painting contractor team help you put the best foot forward for your business.

A well-kept interior to your business instills confidence in guests, clients, customers, or potential tenants. Like residential painting, interior painting of a commercial building can interrupt operations while the project is underway. Minimize this impact, while also giving your interior an impressive facelift, by hiring professional interior painting contractors.

Similar to residential exterior painting projects, commercial exteriors are a risky and serious undertaking. The exterior of your commercial building also serves as its first impression, so it is critical that it looks professional. Of course, the best way to guarantee this is by leaving it to the professionals in order to deliver an inspiring final coat!

As local contractors, the team at Even Better Painting is proud to serve Coquitlam and the surrounding area for all their painting needs. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and delivering final products that exceed all expectations. From small apartments to large commercial buildings, we are here for you. Give our team a call to request a quote or schedule a painting project at your convenience!


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