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When you hire us for painting, the results are even and better. There’s more than just paint that makes us even better. Even Better Painting is the premier painting contractor in Richmond, British Columbia. Once you choose Even Better Painting, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice. We’re the painting company that takes care of all of the details for you. You could say that we take the “pain” out of painting.

Your satisfaction is detail number one. We make sure that your project is completed on time with as little intrusion as possible. You may even consider the experience to be a pleasant transformation.

Our extensive experience shines through. We’ve painted just about everything, from family homes and mansions to smaller homes, from high-end restaurants to car dealerships, and from apartment complexes to warehouses. We make every effort to fit your budget and earn your satisfaction.

We take your residential property personally.

We bring energy and harmony to the inside and outside of your private residence.

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Interior Painting

There is more than one reason someone may want to paint the interior of their living space. Maybe you’re moving, or perhaps you need to refresh the space you’re in. We can give you an even better surface quickly and efficiently. We not only paint well; we can even help you bring creativity to your rooms. Also noteworthy is that you are inviting the painter into your home; you should know that they arrive with respect for your property engrained in their culture. Our painters have extensive experience with this. The painting team is reliable and trustworthy, so there is no need to worry! We will make sure that you get the best interior painting services.

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Exterior Painting

Even Better Painting offers high-quality exterior painting services. We have the experience to solve any issue. If it has been seven years or more, you might be exposing the structure of your home, so this becomes a protective measure. We do put your long-term interest first, and have a warranty on all of our projects.

Curb appeal. The first impression of your home is a big deal. Your home should be admired, not avoided—Colour trends and style change. Over the years, you might want to change the “personality” of your property. It can even increase your property value.

Painting Your Commercial, or Strata Property is an Investment

This is not just a property; it’s an investment.

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Interior Painting

When you combine our exceptional customer service, and our experience, our attention to detail, and our budget consciousness, we are the best choice for maintaining your commercial or strata property. Your commercial or strata property isn’t just about you. With an attractively painted house, you are attracting good tenants who want to feel proud of the space they operate in as well.

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Exterior Painting

If you need a professional to take on your project, especially if it is a big one, look no further. We are pros at managing large-scale projects. We work with you to arrive at a customized plan; that part alone is a big help for anyone facing this task. Even Better Painting has the skill to handle aspects such as project management, safety compliance, and quality assurance. These are necessary considerations that ensure a smooth process and significant results.

What You Get from Even Better Painting

A great impression: The resulting impression your property makes on others makes all the difference, whether on those considering renting, those considering purchasing, those considering doing business with you, or maybe just the impression your home makes.

Pride: Fresh paint goes a long way toward revitalizing your property, and you feel about it.

Protection: You can rest easy, knowing that the surface of your structure has a fresh extra layer of protection.

Savings: When you add it all up. A painting project done right by professionals makes for a better bottom line.

We Get the Big Picture

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