Residential Painting in Vancouver

Residential Painting in Vancouver

Client profile

  • We often paint homes that clients have just purchased. Whether the colours don’t work for the new homeowner, or the home needs a paint job for maintenance, we love helping clients make their new space feel like home. This 7,000 square foot Vancouver home required a full interior repaint before the client moved in.
  • All facets of the home were painted, including walls, trim, crown moulding and ceilings to fully revitalise the interior of this property.

Interior wall painting

The challenges

  • This gorgeous interior had high ceilings that needed to be painted, as well as trim and crown moulding that was out of reach using our typical ladders and supplies.
  • The large amount of trim and crown moulding required extra care and time.
  • A large portion of the crown moulding and window frames were cracking and peeling, requiring extra steps to fix.


  • In order to reach high areas, we used taller ladders than those that are required for a typical job. We also used longer extenders for rollers to make sure we completed those hard to reach areas.
  • In order to complete this project effectively and efficiently, we strategically planned which areas would be painted first. We started by painting all trim, crown moulding, window casings, and door frames. Next, we sprayed the ceilings before finishing the walls.
  • Fixing the cracks in the window frames and moulding required caulking and renailing. This extra step ensures long term results and a beautiful, smooth finish.

Room painting

The Result

  • Painting the walls, ceilings, trim and moulding of this home resulted in a complete transformation of the space!

  • By taking extra time to fix damages and fill cracks, this interior painting job will last for years.

  • Using bright whites and cool greys completely opened up this space and created a timeless, airy energy in this home.

  • We used high quality Benjamin Moore products for all areas of this project, leading to an even finish and supporting the longevity of the project.

  • Despite the large scope of this project, we completed the job on time and on budget, resulting in happy clients!