Commercial & Strata Exterior Painting

Residential Exterior Painting

Do you need a professional to take care of your large-scale paint job?

We are experts in managing all types of larger-scale projects: low rise, high rise, and townhomes. We can create a customized plan based on your project needs and budget. Hiring the right company to take on a large-scale paint job may be overwhelming or tedious. Key skills such as project management, safety compliance, and quality assurance on service delivery will ensure your project is completed effectively. We have a trained and experienced team that can take on your project and meet all of your needs.

EBPainting Benefits:

  • Enhanced curb appeal
  • Quality protection
  • Time saved and money saved with the project done properly the first time with high-quality products

What products do we use?

Every painting project is different, therefore, the list of used products varies. However, we have accounts with Dulux, Benjamin Moore, Cloverdale Paints, and Sherwin Williams and have great relationships with all of our suppliers to get you the best product for the best price. We highly recommend paying extra for superior products because it is the only way to achieve the best results.

What’s Our Process?

  • Soft wash or power wash
  • Use of drop sheets
  • Scrape any peeling paint
  • Caulk any gaps
  • Prime required areas
  • Start from the top down getting all of the difficult areas done first
  • Complete painting and conduct a thorough walkthrough
  • Complete any remaining touchups
  • Take all garbage/paint cans with us to recycle
  • Do a final clean up of job site


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Consultation Process:

Consultations are essential for all our clients. It usually takes up to 45 minutes to discuss the details about your project. We prefer meeting in-person for a clear explanation and a better understanding of each other. Our EBPainting team strives to be as transparent in the painting process as they can.

We will also need measurements and photos of your property to understand how much labor and materials are required for this job.


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