Strata Rejuvenation

Strata Rejuvenation

Client Profile:

  • Interior and Exterior of Residential Strata Complex – 4 Stories – 16 Units
  • Power Washed and Re-Sealed all the stamped concrete walkways

The Challenge:

  • Choosing and determining colors that would make the building feel more modern and updated. – Interior and Exterior
  • We were working on a busy residential street and working around traffic and pedestrian restrictions. – Exterior
  • We were working in high-traffic common areas that needed to be properly tagged and marked to avoid tenant disruption. – Interior
  • Renting an articulating boom lift and working around the foliage and other buildings. – Exterior
  • Renting scaffolding and specialty equipment to reach high ceilings – Interior
  • The building had not received any regular maintenance and needed thorough washing and preparation. – Interior and Exterior

Our Solution:

  • Working with a key member of the strata council we sampled colors to ensure they were getting the exact tone that would match the long-term goals for the building.
  • Developed a customized schedule to let tenants know when we would be working near their specific units to ensure their privacy and satisfaction.
  • We carefully power washed all areas of the building to remove moss, mildew, and to ensure we created a clean surface that paint could properly adhere to.
  • We had staff on-site that is trained and knowledgeable with using motorized boom lifts and setting up and using scaffolding.

The Results:

  • A more modern-looking building that tenants were proud to live in.
  • Elevated property value.
  • The stamped concrete looked exceptional and has long-lasting protection from the wear and tear of foot traffic
  • Referrals from tenants living in the building.
  • The project finished on time and on a budget to meet our proposed schedule.

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