What is the best paint colour for dark rooms?

Autumn is already here, and with it comes cooler temperatures, shorter days, and ample time to tackle any long lingering home improvement projects. All of these things combine to make the fall months some of the best to tackle interior painting projects in your home or office. This sort of work can be fun to embark on your own. Still, for the best final product, you are always best hiring a Vancouver painting company with professional Vancouver interior painters to handle the job for you. If an interior painting project is on your horizon and you want to increase the coziness of your home as we move into the colder autumn and winter months, look no further than the Vancouver interior painting experts at EB Painting. Our passionate professionals are full of ideas to make your home much more comfortable, including using specific colours to add a little brightness in otherwise dark rooms. Below are four of our favourites!

Light Blue

Light blue – of any shade – is an excellent way to add a little summer feeling into an otherwise darker room. Not only will blue naturally add some brightness to your room, but the colour itself naturally evokes a welcoming sense of calm. As we move into the “indoor months,” consider painting a darker room blue to imitate those long summer days.


While likely not your first choice, professional Vancouver interior painters recommend bright yellow as a fun and friendly way to add some light to a darker space. Yellow does well in rooms with some artificial light, as it takes advantage of what is available and can make things even brighter. White accents with yellow walls, or vis versa, or an excellent complement to increase lighting.


Along the same lines as yellow, not many homeowners would jump to orange as a colour to paint their walls. However, many Vancouver interior painting companies would beg you to consider otherwise. Orange is especially welcome in the fall months – along the lines of pumpkin spice lattes and fall colours – and pairs exceptionally well with dark wood in kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms.

Light Grey

Again, most inexperienced painters wouldn’t jump to grey to lighten up a dark room, but professional interior painters in Vancouver would suggest otherwise. The right tone of grey, applied in the fitting room, will brighten a room and add an extra level of class compared to choosing a plain white alternative.

Brightening up a room in your home using colours of paint is no easy task. To guarantee the best possible outcome, consider hiring the Vancouver residential painting professionals at EB Painting. With decades of experience, we promise to deliver a product you are proud of at a price point you can afford. Give us a call with any questions to schedule an appointment or request a quote today! We’re always happy to help give your home a facelift as we move into the cooler fall and winter months.