Why Fall is the Best Time to Paint your Home’s Interior

Vancouver Painting Price Breaks

Contractors of all types are generally booked solid through the spring and summer months, and the same goes for interior painters in Vancouver. Generally speaking the fall and winter months are less busy for Vancouver painting companies and, as such, chances are good that you could enjoy a price break on your project. Additionally, because more painters are available this time of year, your project could potentially be finished quicker – saving you even more money.

Increased Flexibility

Not only can the slower fall months save you money, but the increased availability of Vancouver interior painters means that they can be more flexible with your project. Vancouver painting companies like EB Painting can more readily work around your schedule in the fall, meaning interruptions in your daily life will be reduced. Further, the work you will need to put into preparing your home for a fresh coat of paint can be done at a more leisurely pace, as increased flexibility equates to a more casual project overall.

Interior Painting Kitchen

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Better Weather for Better Results

Fall weather is perfect for interior painting in Vancouver. The spring and summer humidity has disappeared, and the ambient air temperatures have begun to drop. This combination of cool and dry air is ideal for applying paint smoothly and uniformly, even on interior walls, and coats will also dry evenly under such conditions.

Increased Inside Time

The changing of seasons from summer to fall and fall to winter generally equate to spending more time inside. If you were already planning on painting your home’s interior, why not do it when you can enjoy the new look most? Whether you are curled up under a blanket watching a movie, enjoying the warmth of a fireplace, or celebrating the holidays do so with a fresh new wall as your backdrop.

Fall is Here, and There’s No Better Time to Tackle an Interior Painting Project than Now!

Whether you have a plan already and are looking for a quote or are hoping for an expert opinion and some advice, give the experts at EB Painting a call today. We’re always eager to give a home a facelift and love nothing more than doing so during the cool autumn months.