Interior Paint Colours That Never Go Out of Style

If you’re looking for interior painting services in Vancouver, look for one with enough knowledge and experience to recognize and understand classic interior colours and colour palettes that work well with your style. A palette contains several colours that are compatible with each other, and they frequently follow a common theme. At EB Painting in Vancouver, we have several classic colour palettes, that when used in combination, create a timeless look.

grey paint interior

Trends and fads are very seductive. They affect many forms of design, from cars to clothing. Many times, they are most noticeable in retrospect. Residential interior decisions are also heavily influenced by trends and fads. Interior paint colour might be a fun way to experiment with these trends, and may even seem savvy at the time, but all one needs to do is to look back at styles from the past to wonder what one was thinking. Identifying what constitutes a timeless classic requires knowledge that comes from study, experience, and reflection.

Typically, trend-proof colours make less of a statement in themselves but serve to set-off the style and colours of your appointments like furniture, or artwork. By using colour as a fashion statement on your interior walls, you may be facing another paint project sooner than it is needed. Timeless classic colours are always in style and have universal appeal. This may help if you are looking to sell your home one day.

Even Better Classic Colours

The Gray Tones: There are many different greys you can use for a rich, yet muted look. From French Grays and cool oyster greys to steel or stone, greys can add a level of complexity. The value, or degree of light to dark of the greys used, is important to maintain a crisp unmuddied result.

The Whites: There are many white-toned paint options to choose from. There is bright white, but alabaster and antique white are both great options. For rooms with more colour hanging on the wall, you might try a creamy white.

The Tans and Beiges: You may consider the use of tan or beige to be slightly more exciting than white. This is a way to keep your room tones fairly neutral and muted but add some subtle colour and interest. The range of choices is wide, and your preference can vary based on your style and décor. Contrasting shades are always good for creating classic colour combinations.

Deeper Colours: Not all classic colours are neutral. This is where classic colour combinations come into play. Also, the size of the area covered becomes critical. Some of our experience includes the knowledge of the impact certain colours have when they cover an entire wall, as compared to being used for trim and other accents. If you do decide on a colour to cover a wall, keep in mind that this is a colour that you’ll be seeing a lot of. A calming and somewhat muted navy tone can be a classic choice. It is at once bold and powerful, yet also versatile. Combining certain navy colours with whites, creams, or beiges makes for a serene and timeless combination. There are also deep rich greens or browns that when used in concert with some other contrasting colours provide a lasting, classic result.

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Understanding what goes into creating a timeless classic colour combination can be quite challenging. Our experts at EB Painting can make suggestions that might guide you in the right direction. We have tools that make it easier to anticipate what everything will look like when completed. We want to minimize surprises unless it is to exceed your expectations.

EB Painting is Your Best Residential Painting Company in Vancouver

A fresh new look doesn’t need to be trendy. A clean, classic approach is an effective way to set-off your home décor. Our newly painted interiors are a dramatic makeover. Classic timeless colour choices not only increase energy levels and create positive vibrations, they enhance your property value.

We are well trained and highly experienced. We can bring those abilities and talents to you and help you plan the look of your interior. Whether you are after a minimal modern feel or something more traditional or even historic, EB Painters in Vancouver have some great ideas. We might also make some suggestions as to what you should avoid.

It also comes right down to getting the job done cleanly and professionally. We are a high-quality service and our performance is quick and efficient. Our friendly team is ready to help you turn your interior into a classic.