How to choose a finish for your Vancouver interior painting project?

Choosing a finish for your interior painting project is an important part of the painting process. The finish or sheen is the amount of light that is reflected off the painted surface. The finish changes the durability of the paint job, as well as how the colours you’ve chosen will look at different angles, so this decision should be made with care.

Here are some common sheens and how to use them in your home.


Flat paints are not reflective, and are popular for their ability to hide imperfections. Because of this, using a flat sheen will give your surfaces a smooth look that is forgiving of blemishes.

Flat paint is the most difficult to clean, and does not do well in moist rooms. This finish is not ideal for high-touch areas like playrooms, kitchens, and entryways. It is best used in low traffic areas and on ceilings.

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Eggshell is an incredibly popular finish for interior painting projects. This finish is not glossy, but not quite as soft as flat paints. For areas with moderate traffic, eggshell paint can be a great option as it is attractive and easy to maintain. Eggshell finishes are easier to clean than flat finishes and provide a softer look than glossy paints.

Eggshell finishes are great in living rooms and dining areas.


In appearance, a satin finish will be similar to an eggshell finish, but with a slight lustrous sheen.

Satin finishes are more resistant to mildew and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Satin finishes are both durable and easy to wipe clean of scuffs, moisture, dirt, and other common household stains.

Many homeowners choose satin paints for high-touch areas like kitchens and bathrooms, and it is a great choice for cabinets as well!

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Semi-gloss paints are stain-resistant, and even easier to clean than satin finishes. This sheen will reflect more light, which can create glare from light fixtures and windows. It is also more likely to show imperfections in the walls like dents and scratches, as well as roller and brush marks. For that reason, these paints are much more difficult to apply for DIY painters.

Because of its durability and easy maintenance quality, semi-gloss finishes are great for doors and trim. The gloss will also give these areas a nice pop and make them stand out against less glossy surfaces.

Higher gloss paints like semi-gloss are great options for areas with high moisture, making them popular choices for bathrooms.


Gloss finishes are the most durable options when it comes to paint finishes. These finishes are also the most reflective. It is best used sparingly for surfaces like doors, trim, and architectural elements.

Gloss paints will show imperfections on the walls and imperfections in the paint job. For this reason, if you are considering using gloss paints for a more modern look, consider hiring a professional interior painter. This will help you avoid roller marks and brush strokes being visible in the finished product.

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If you are unsure which sheen is best for your next Vancouver painting project, call a professional painting company. Professional painters complete many painting projects of all shapes and sizes and are experienced in selecting the best finish for your project.