Easy Ways to Paint a Small Room to Look Bigger

Paint Your Small Rooms Bigger

Your living space can appear bigger with the right paint and painting decisions. With the right interior painters in Vancouver, like EB Painting, those decisions are easy to make. You get more than painters when you choose EB Painting for your interior painting in Vancouver; you get their knowledge and experience. Our experts can suggest ways for your interior to look more spacious.

The right colour can help a room look and feel bigger. We combine this sort of knowledge with your taste to make wise suggestions for enhancing your interior. Small spaces can be problematic. The choices you make, particularly involving colour, have a more significant impact on a smaller space.

The professional painters at EB Painting know many techniques for effecting the perception of your interior spaces. They understand how colour can transform a small room from looking closed in and confined to look inviting and welcoming.

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EB Painting Can Help You Make Your Small Space Look More Spacious

You may find that this is a more reasonable solution than knocking down walls. The right colour paint and possibly a mirror or two may be a more realistic way to open things up. We can offer some initial things to consider:

    • White, or some variation of natural whites, or off-whites can brighten-up or even open-up smaller nooks in your interior. If you intend to go with a more modern or high-tech look, extra white or bright white, with the right lighting, is a sure bet for a closed-in space. White exposes areas of a room that might otherwise recede.
    • Other bright colours can open up a room. You may find one that is more appropriate for enhancing the furniture and the room’s décor. Mustards, mazes, or certain blues can also open up space.
    • It can be challenging to decide on an intense colour. You may try a more robust colour for an accent. Mouldings, trim, or footboards are always a good use of a stronger colour; they can frame a lighter and more neutral wall colour. This way, it can still pick up or accent some of the other colours in the room without it taking over.
    • One of the most common ways for a small room to feel confined is because of the ceiling colour. A lighter colour over your head can take away some of the heaviness in a room, lift the space and provide the impression of height.
    • You may simply have a colour in mind and happen to like it. If that is the case, you may consider exploring different tints of that colour. A brighter version of your favourite colour might still serve to open things up.

EB Painting is the Right Choice for Your Residential Painting Company in Vancouver

When you call EB Painting, you’ll find that many projects are easy and affordable. EB is your best option for Vancouver painting services. Our experts can do more than show up and paint. We can walk through your house with you and make suggestions. We’ve seen a lot of interiors. We are polite guests with great ideas. We take pride in our work and respect your property and your privacy.

Call us for a quick walk-through. You’ll be glad you did.