How to Prioritize Rooms for Painting

Vancouver painting projects can be equal parts fun, challenging, and rewarding. While it is common to paint rooms as needed, some homeowners enjoy the complete facelift offered by tackling an entire home in one major Vancouver interior painting project. These large-scale projects are best left for professional Vancouver painting companies, but at EB Painting we understand the ownership felt when tackling such a major undertaking on your own. As the best interior painters in Vancouver – working for one of the premier Vancouver painting companies – we have plenty of techniques to help you prioritize rooms when painting the entirety of your home.

Paint Bedrooms First

Many non-professional Vancouver interior painters underestimate the scale of a complete home overhaul. Because these jobs can take weeks to months, it is best to start with your bedroom. By doing so, you can quickly move your furniture back in and have a quiet respite from the rest of the home for the remainder of the project.

Tackle the Kitchen Early

Similar to a bedroom, it is crucial to have a functioning kitchen for as much of the project as possible. Constantly eating out or ordering takeout adds up. Many Vancouver painting companies recognize this and will expedite kitchen painting to allow for home-cooked meals to return to the table.

bathroom interior painting

Paint Multiple Bathrooms one at a Time

If you have multiple bathrooms in your home, tackle them one at a time during your Vancouver interior painting project. This will allow you to always have one in working order. If you have one bathroom in your home, prioritize it with a bedroom or kitchen so that it is complete and usable while you work on other rooms.

Save High Traffic Areas for Last

Of all the rooms in your home, the high traffic areas should be saved for last during your Vancouver painting project. Living rooms, hallways, and any space with a lot of cross-traffic stand the chance of getting scuffed early – especially as you move between rooms with all of the requisite painting equipment. By saving these rooms for last you help ensure that your entire home is looking good as new upon completion.

Tackling a Vancouver interior painting project on your own can be incredibly rewarding, though in the absence of a strong strategy this fun project can turn into a major headache. Following the techniques above will help make things easier, but consider leaving it to the professionals to truly maximize efficiency and affordability when painting the entirety of your home’s interior. When searching for Vancouver painting services, look no further than EB Painting. Our team has combined decades of experience and is always eager for the next big project. Give us a call today to request a quote or schedule your home’s new facelift!