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Moving In? Get a Fresh Start with New Interior Colours

If you’re moving into a new place of residence in Vancouver, get a fresh start with new interior paint colours. We’ve all understood that making a home our own is about appointing it with our familiar belongings. Hanging your paintings or photos is a big part of this. But what about a paint colour that is all your own?

The experts at EB Painting can help. There are many painting companies in Vancouver. EB Painting, however, can offer more than painting. We can help you not only make your new interior uniquely you but also make suggestions for a fresh new look. We might also add that some great colour suggestions for a fresh new look, but great colour combination suggestions.

It can be a lot to think about particularly when involved with or right after the process of moving, but it is also important to make your new place a home of your own. In order to truly feel at home, there is more you can do. Before you unpack your boxes is the best time to paint your new space. No doubt this can be a daunting prospect, but the results are transformative.

There is Even Better Residential Painting in Vancouver

Colour affects us in interesting ways and can even change our perceptions and moods. This is an area that our team can offer significant value and assistance because of the expertise we possess. If you want to get it right the first time start by choosing the right residential painters, it makes all the difference and you’ll never regret it. If you choose colours that show off the space well and make each room look its best and brightest, you will not just feel like it is yours, you’ll feel charged up about it.

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We Have Some Initial Suggestions for Great Colours That Are Sure to Provide a Fresh Start

The way humans respond to and are affected by colour is a passion of ours. Like any design decision, once we know your likes and dislikes, we can serve you with some great ideas. Here are some examples:

Want to set off what you put on the wall and not compete with it? Taupe is a great choice. A neutral yet warm tone, taupe comes in a variety of shades, tints, and undertones. Taupe can be infused with lavender, brown, or green in oh so subtle amounts, to set off the colour themes that your appointments bring to the room.

Want some drama? Oh yeah, charcoal gray brings it. Sometimes there is a need to make a space a bit more intimate. Charcoal gray is where intimate meets impressive. Charcoal is not devoid of warmth and since it is one of the neutrals, it sets off whatever you bring.

Muted light blue also serves as a neutral way to set off just about anything you set in front of it. A grayed light blue is cool and never overwhelms a space. It provides a calm serene environment and does very well in combination with other colours. Think about some of the unique blues found in the clouds on a stormy day.

Of course, light grey and white are always great choices. You can’t go wrong really. This is always a perfect way to show off, not only the features of your new home but your décor as well. These can include various tea colours like chamomile.

If you want the colour selection itself to be featured boldly, you can always try an exotic red or yellow. These colours may be tried first on kitchen cupboards or in a small bathroom. This gives you a chance to experiment and see how you like them.

Vancouver Painting Services with a Difference

Choose one with knowledge and passion for colour phycology. A fresh new look doesn’t need to be trendy. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way toward giving you a fresh start. Give your new space a makeover. Classic timeless colour choices not only increase energy levels and create positive vibrations, they enhance your property value.

We can bring our experience and talent with us to help you make your new space your own and help give you a fresh start.

Whether you are after a minimal modern feel or something more traditional or even historic, EB Painters in Vancouver has some great ideas. We might even steer you away from choices you might end up regretting.

But it also comes down to showing up and getting the job done professionally and efficiently. We can do that. We are a high-quality service, and our performance is quick and efficient. Our friendly team is ready to help you turn your new space into your home.