Painting Ceilings: Color Ideas (That Aren’t White)

There is no better way to give your home a fresh new look than through Vancouver interior painting services. While you can complete many Vancouver residential painting projects on your own, they are often expensive, time-consuming, and can cause serious disruption to daily life. That’s where the experts come into play. As one of the leading painting companies in Vancouver, EB Painting is here to help with all of your Vancouver painting needs. Our Vancouver interior painters have combined decades of experience and promise to move through your customized project in the most efficient and affordable way possible while delivering a final product you can be proud of. While it is easy to get caught up in what colours to paint your walls, many homeowners glaze over the ever-important job of painting your ceiling as well. When painting ceilings, the Vancouver interior painters at EB Painting have these suggestions for non-white trends to really make your home pop.

Add Warmth with Dark Colors

Darkly painted ceilings are an excellent way to invoke a feeling of warmth or comfort in a room. This is especially appealing in small bedrooms, cozy reading nooks, or around a fireplace. A good strategy is to use the same colour as the wall but to choose a darker hue.

Increase the Visual Size of a Room

If your Vancouver interior painting project has you focused on a smaller room, you can make it appear larger by focusing on the ceiling. Lighter coloured paint on the ceiling will make a room seem a bit larger, especially if the walls and ceiling match with a lighter hue. Dark walls with a light ceiling will have a similar effect and will help low ceilinged rooms appear more open.


Use Dark for Drama

To achieve a dramatic look in a room, stick with a dark and bold colour. Dark blue, red, or brown ceilings with lightly painted adjacent walls create a beautiful contrast and can really invoke a feeling of power. If the room you are painting has a lot of natural light, this can be a great option!

Play to the Shape of the Ceiling

Depending on your home, some rooms may have strangely angled ceilings. To create balance, paint them the same as their adjoining walls. If you would like to showcase the unique architecture, use contrasting colours on the ceilings and walls to make the angles really pop!

There are countless ways to paint a ceiling, and as a leading provider of Vancouver painting services, the Vancouver interior painters at EB Painting are here for you. Give our passionate staff a call today to request a quote or to schedule your Vancouver interior painting project in the way that is most convenient to you. Our team is always eager to add some new colour to our clients’ homes.