There Are Even Better Colours to Paint a Nursery

Congratulations. Now it is time to prepare. What sort of colour are you choosing to surround baby? You will no doubt find this enjoyable, not only anticipating your baby’s arrival but also that this is a fun project due to the playful nature of the design.

Selecting colours for the nursery can be challenging. EB Painting, the Vancouver interior painting company, has some ideas for you.

EB Painting is the Residential Painting Company in Vancouver that Can Help You Make These Important Decisions

Not all Vancouver painting companies consider that you want the best for your baby. This includes the colour around them. Your new baby will respond to colour in the same way you do. So, when selecting a colour that surrounds your baby, considering the theory and psychology of the colour is important.

Babies, even newborn babies, are very aware of what is going on. As your baby grows and develops, you’ll want to be sure to both comfort them and stimulate them. How does that affect a colour decision? Greatly.

Colour selection is a major part of a delicate balance between comfort and stimulation. Using too much orange, yellow, or red can be too alarming for a newborn. If used as an accent colour, the baby can find them and be stimulated by them, but an entire wall of red, for instance, is too much for the little one to deal with. A good rule to guide you is simply not to take anything too far. Covering the wall with a colour that is more pastel or muted is a good idea. Choosing colours that are too dark is also problematic. Think of how your mood changes when surrounded by dark colours, as opposed to brighter or lighter ones. The same is true for your baby.

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A Girl or a Boy?

Of course, there is always the decision as to whether to select what has been regarded as “gender colours” or whether you’d prefer a more neutral approach. Realize that a wall colour selection doesn’t mean that you are influencing their choices later in life.

Traditionally, baby girl colours can range from light pinks to lavenders. If light and muted, this range creates a soothing, cozy, and yes, what would be considered a more feminine feel to the room. This is most likely more of a cultural phenomenon than a scientific one.

Baby boy colours have typically ranged in the various shades of blue. Colours dominated by blue have a natural quality. But again, softer, more pastel versions of colour should be used to cover the walls, avoiding stronger, more saturated versions of the colour.

There are plenty of options for those who would prefer to avoid the strongly “masculine or “feminine” colour options and go with a more neutral choice. Greens, yellows, and browns or tans, again lighter and more muted, are always good and natural choices.

A good rule to follow is to choose a lighter and more muted version of a colour and match it with accents that are brighter and more attention-getting.

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We can do more for you than just paint your interior. When it comes to your nursery, these are important decisions. Get in touch today to schedule your first consultation or call us for more information.