What Factors Influence the Cost of Interior House Painting?

It is hard to believe that summer is already nearing an end, and the cool months of all are right around the corner. While there are reasons to lament the changing seasons, there are also plenty of things to look forward to. When it comes to home improvement projects, in particular, there is no better time than the autumn months to tackle Vancouver interior painting projects. Weather can have a major impact on Vancouver painting endeavours, and fall is undeniably the best time to tackle those Vancouver interior painting items that have long been lingering on your to-do list. If you plan on hiring painting contractors for these projects, look no further than the professional painters at EB Painting. With combined decades of experience and the passion to back it up, there is no better team of interior painters in Vancouver than the folks at EB Painting. Like with all home improvements, building a proper budget for interior painting in Vancouver is critical. Below are a few factors to consider that will influence the overall cost of your interior house painting.

The Size of your Home

This one should be a no-brainer, but the more surface area you plan on painting the greater the cost of the project in terms of both materials and labour. Additionally, more intricate aspects of a project – such as doors, windows, and trim – can add up as well. As you plan your Vancouver painting project, consider how much of your home’s interior you can afford to paint and whether or not you should break it down into smaller projects.

The Age of your House

Similar to size, the age of your home will also impact the cost of Vancouver painting services. Oftentimes, older homes will require more preparation and detailing which can add up in terms of labour and resources.

Prep Work

While interior painters in Vancouver take a lot of pride in putting up new coats of paint, the amount of work that goes into preparing a surface is no easy task. Tearing down wallpaper, cleaning and priming your walls, and tackling any necessary aesthetic repairs all play into the final cost that painting contractors will charge you.

The Paint Itself

Both the type of paint you hope to apply and the existing paint on your walls will impact what professional painters will charge you for their work. Tying back into prep work, the existing paint on your walls may need to be removed, primed, or perhaps can paint over directly. When it comes time to apply new paint, it should come as no surprise that the quality and colour of the paint you choose to use will directly influence the cost of the project.

Many people choose to tackle Vancouver painting projects on their own, you can actually save yourself a lot of time, money, and headaches by hiring professional painters to do the job for you. If you are searching for the most professional, affordable, and timely painting contractors in Vancouver – as you should be – look no further than the experts at EB Painting. We rely on our experience and passion to deliver nothing but the best final product, and our reviews and testimonials speak for themselves. Give our staff a call with any questions, request a quote, or schedule your interior painting project today!