Blue Skies & Grey Sides

Out with the beige and in with the grey! More and more of our clients are choosing shades of grey for their spaces. The cool sleek colour brings modern and trendy looks to any space.

Thinking about painting in grey but not sure which one to do? Call us today for your free consultation. We’ll make our suggestions and swatch the colours for you. Don’t forget to ask about the popular greys we’re using!

Is it Time to Create a Well-Balanced Atmosphere?

This is a strata building that we are currently finishing this month. The hallways were in need of some brightening. After swatching some colour options for the council they decided on these contrasting grey colours to bring a brighter neutral atmosphere to their tenants and owners.

We are loving how the colours turned out in this building, and the tenants can agree! We love having our clients tell us that they love their newly painted space. Are you wanting to create a well-balanced atmosphere in your space? Contact us today for your free consultation, colour suggestions included.

When you choose to have your home or business painted by EB Painting you are making the right choice. We pride ourselves on being efficient and creating a pleasant experience for our clients.

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