Even Better Painting’s Top Product Roundup

If you are considering your next painting project, you may be wondering which products are the best to use. When it comes to selecting a brand and type of paint, there are a lot of different options out there. From interior to exterior specific paints, to oil-based or water-based options, it can be difficult to narrow down your selection. Many modern paints recommended by professional painters have zero VOCs, making them much better for the environment and for you.

Each project is a little different, and a professional Vancouver painter can help you make the right choice. At Even Better Painting, we work with top paint suppliers to ensure you are getting the best products at the right price. Here are a few of our favourite paints from suppliers like Dulux, Sherwin-Williams, Cloverdale, and Benjamin Moore.

Dulux Diamond Exterior

DULUX® DIAMOND™ Exterior is a 100% Acrylic High-Build Latex Paint specially formulated with outstanding technologies to withstand the ever-changing Canadian weather. This paint provides advanced UV protection and dirt resistance to keep exterior colours looking like new for years to come. Formulated with an effective fungicide to resist deterioration by mould, fungus/mildew. Excellent flow and levelling, resists cracking and peeling. Advanced Acrylic polymer technology stops the penetration of dirt and water while still allowing the coating to breathe.

At Even Better Painting, we use this product on the exterior siding of all kinds, including stucco, brick and wood. This product is a great option for your Vancouver exterior painting project.


sherwin williams

Sherwin Williams Emerald Exterior

Sherwin-Williams offers another great option for exterior painting. This premium paint and primer in one allows you to achieve stunning exterior results that stand the test of time in fewer coats.

It offers premium performance that stands the test of time, coupled with exceptional beauty and excellent application. Its resistance to blistering, peeling, fading and dirt pickup, as well as a mildew-resistant coating, makes it another great option for Vancouver painters. Finally, it meets the most stringent VOC regulations and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.


Cloverdale SharkSkin Deck and Siding Stain

Cloverdale SharkSkin® Deck & Siding Stain – Designed specifically for Canadian weather climates. Sun-drenched Summers and tough Canadian Winters – from wet coastal Vancouver Island through the frigid temperatures, snow, and ice through Alberta, into the Prairies and Eastern Canada, SharkSkin® Deck & Siding stain was developed to withstand these wide-ranging conditions using the latest hybrid waterborne alkyd technology. The ultimate in Deck & Siding protection provides superior adhesion, durability and resistance to cracking, peeling, and blistering. Formulated with fewer volatile solvents and additional mold & mildew inhibitors compared to conventional solid hide stains

As a Vancouver painting team, we love this product for its durability against elements like rain and mildew. It works great for deck staining, fence staining, and on wooden siding, trim and fascia boards.