How to paint interior doors in your Vancouver home

Painting an interior door is a great way to give your space a totally new look without breaking the bank. Whether your door requires new paint or you are just looking to add a fun accent to your room, there are some key steps you should follow when painting your interior doors for optimal results.

Choose a paint colour

Most interior doors are white. If you are repainting your door white, it is a good idea to match the trim around the door to the paint you will be using on the door itself. This is because not all white paints are the same, and most have either warmer or cooler undertones. Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore is a popular choice for doors and trim.

Bold door colours are a trendy option to add a pop of colour or a dramatic accent to a room. To choose a colour for your door, consider other accents in the room, like rugs, throw pillows, or pieces of furniture that you especially like.

Finally, black and grey are beautiful choices for interior doors if you are looking for an exciting change while still staying neutral.

Our professional painters recommend semi-gloss for interior doors. This sheen will hold up well in high traffic areas and is easy to clean.

Interior door

Gather your materials

Before starting your painting project, make sure you have all of your required materials. To paint your door, you will need:

  • Soap and water
  • A sander or sandpaper
  • Drop cloths
  • Primer and paint
  • Paint brush
  • Paint roller

Prepare the door for painting

Doors experience plenty of daily wear and tear. With your soapy water, give the door a good clean to remove any dirt and residue that could prevent the paint from sticking to the door. This can also reveal areas of the door that need to be filled and repaired before painting.

Next, fill any holes with wood filler and sand the door until smooth. To sand like a professional painter, sand down the areas that you have repaired, and then lightly sand the entire door.

Finally, protect the door’s hardware and accents by taping around the hinges and handle using painter’s tape. You can also remove the hardware, but make sure to keep all the pieces in a labelled bag so you don’t lose them.

Prime the doors

If you are painting a new, unprimed door or are repainting a previously painted door, you will want to prime it before you paint. However, if you are working with new, primed doors you can skip this step.

Paint the door in the right order

For flat doors, you can simply start painting the door using a roller. However, most doors include panelling which adds an extra challenge.

  • Start by painting the edges of the door with a brush or roller.
  • Paint the door panels, using a brush for the moulded areas and a roller for the flat surfaces.
  • Use a roller to paint vertical strips down the centre of the doors
  • Finish up the door by painting the horizontal rails between the panels.

Following this method will result in beautifully painted interior doors for your Vancouver home. It is important to note that painting can be a lot of work, and is often more challenging than people think. If you are painting multiple interior doors, you may want to consider calling a local Vancouver interior painting company like Even Better Painting! Our professional painters will give your doors new life.