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Interior Paint Colour Mistakes to Avoid

While it can be fun and rewarding to tackle Vancouver interior painting projects on your own, these projects can also be challenging and time-consuming – especially if you make a mistake during your Vancouver painting project. Lucky for you, there are professional Vancouver painting companies – such as EB Painting – that can handle all of your residential and commercial painting needs. However, if you choose to forego the help of professional Vancouver interior painters, here are a few common paint colour mistakes to avoid!

Avoid too Many Neutral Colors…

Just as you want to avoid too many neutral colours, the same can be said about bright or lavish colours as well. Bold accents in your home can look incredible when used appropriately, but too many big colours can come off as overwhelming or intense. Homes with every wall painted in a bright and exotic colour often come off as contrived, unnatural, and even hokey.

…but Don’t Go Overboard

Neutral colours are a safe bet for many homeowners, but if you overdo it on the whites, light greys, and beiges, your home will come off as sterile and unexciting. Having a balance of neutral and more exotic colours is a great way to communicate personality and warmth in your home while stepping away from the drab appearance of a neutral colour takeover.

Stay Away from Fads

Homeowners’ magazines and blogs are a great place to go for ideas, but be careful not to fall into fads. Many of these sources promote new and exciting trends to attract readers and engage advertisers, but it is crucial to remember that trends are exactly that. Residential painting in Vancouver is a huge undertaking that you won’t want to do more than you have to. Exotic paint and colour ideas often fade as quickly as they emerge. Be careful to commit to something that may be fleeting, or you will find yourself hiring professional Vancouver painting services to undo your mistake.

Keep Lighting in Mind

Paint colours and lighting go hand in hand, and all too often, people overlook the importance of this relationship. Any good Vancouver interior painting expert will tell you to avoid painting rooms with poor lighting a dark colour. This will only make that room seem even darker. Before choosing a colour, examine what kind of light each room receives – both from windows and light fixtures. Consider seasonality as well, as the darker winter months with fewer sunny days may have a major impact on your home’s natural lighting.

There is a lot to consider when choosing paint colours, and if this all seems overwhelming, have no fear! The Vancouver interior painters at EB Painting have decades of experience and are here to help. As one of the leading painting services in Vancouver, we are ready for any challenge. Give us a call to request a quote or set up a project today – we’re here for you!