Is It Worth Buying High-Quality Paint?

Both Vancouver interior painting and Vancouver exterior painting projects can be large projects depending on the size of the building and the amount of it you want to paint. Regardless, any Vancouver painting project is likely to require considerable time, money, and resources. While there are ways to make these projects more efficient – such as hiring renowned Vancouver painting companies to tackle your project from start to finish – there are certain areas where cutting corners is not in your best interest. Whether approaching a Vancouver residential painting or commercial painting project, it is always to your benefit to spend a little extra money to use high-quality paint. Here’s why.

You Will Need Fewer Coats

While the initial cost of higher quality paint may be more, you are guaranteed to recuperate the savings elsewhere. Vancouver interior painters will stop at nothing to make sure the final product is something you can be proud of, and with cheap paint that may mean excess hours of work to effectively cover up the previous coat. Especially when switching from a dark wall to a light wall, Vancouver interior painters will always recommend a higher quality paint to achieve your desired look in a quicker more striking manner. Vancouver exterior painting services will also recommend high-quality paint when covering up underlying blemishes on your exterior walls.

Higher Quality Paint Will Last Longer

Just like most things, higher quality paint is more durable and built to last longer. For Vancouver interior painting jobs that means it is easier to clean and can stand up to stains, scuffs, and markings better than its cheaper cousins. Vancouver exterior painting projects will benefit from high-quality paint as it will be less affected by the harsh and variable elements so typical of the Vancouver area.

It Sticks Better to Stubborn Surfaces

Not all Vancouver residential painting or commercial painting jobs are straightforward. For jobs with many angles, intricate trim, or fine detail work high-quality paint is truly the only answer to achieve the final look you desire. Cheap paint will often chip or peel when put on demanding surfaces which, in turn, will cause you to spend more money repeating the entire process.

There are plenty of ways to save money on your Vancouver interior painting or Vancouver exterior painting projects, but skimping on paint quality is not one of them. Heed the advice of the professionals at one of the premier Vancouver painting services, EB Painting, and be sure to build high-quality paint into your budget. For more tips, to request a quote, or to schedule a painting appointment, give EB Painting a call today. Our passionate staff is always here for you.