VOC Free and Non-Toxic Paints

Low VOC paints and why you should use them

With so many options available when it comes to interior paints, it can be hard to figure out which paint is best for your project. You and your Vancouver painting company may want to look into Low VOC or No VOC paints for interior projects, as they are better for you and the environment.

You might be wondering what exactly a VOC free paint is and why you should choose one for your interior painting project. VOCs are volatile chemicals that are often found in paint products. VOCs were added to paints in order to decrease drying times and prevent freezing during transportation. Over time, these chemicals are released back into the environment through off-gassing. These gasses can cause headaches, nausea, and respiratory problems. Luckily, stricter regulations have established a level of VOCs that are considered safe, so any paint that you can buy in the store will adhere to these guidelines. Even so, low VOC or no VOC paints are a much better option for interior painting, where these gasses will be much more noticeable than outdoors.


When it comes to decreased VOC interior paints, there are two options. Low VOC and No VOC. It is important to note that most paints will contain some level of VOC chemicals, even paints marketed as No VOC. While this can be a bit misleading, the levels in these paints are so low that they are considered negligible. Most paint cans show a VOC count on the label. When buying a flat interior paint, look for products containing 50 grams of VOCs or less per liter, or 150 grams or less per liter for other sheens. Environmental and LEEDS seals on paint cans can also help you determine which paints have lowered VOCs.

The benefits of Low VOC and No VOC paints include less smell, so you can feel more comfortable in your home much quicker after a paint job, and less toxic chemicals that can end up in groundwater and in the air. These paints are also safer to work with when you are in close proximity, making them a great option for professional painting contractors.

Most modern paint suppliers offer Low or No VOC paints in a variety of sheens and limitless colours, so you should consider going with one of these more environmentally friendly paints if possible.

When working with professional Vancouver painters, be sure to request low or no VOC paints. At Even Better Painting, we strongly recommend working with low VOC paints for Vancouver interior painting to reduce our environmental impact, and risks of discomfort for our clients. Our team can discuss your options with you and ensure that you are choosing the best paint for your project.

For more information on some of the low VOC products that we use, check out our blog post on our favourite paints!