Historical Transformation

Client Profile:

  • High End Commercial Property Manager
  • Vancouver Historical Building

The Challenge:

Historical Building Restoration and Updated with Vancouver Heritage Colors.

  • This required the following:
  • Working in Association with other trades
  • Working safely with tenants operating businesses in the building
  • Working with a designer and architect to choose Vancouver Historical Colors
  • Potential risk to pedestrians and workers safety by working on a swing stage above a busy downtown street
  • Challenges with weather changes resulting in scheduling changes and re-painting.

Our Solution:

  • Co-ordinated with the other trades to determine an ideal schedule for work to be completed
  • Applied multiple test patches on the building to ensure Architect’s approval of Vancouver Historical Colors.
  • Designed and implemented specific safety guidelines to be followed by all staff on site. This mitigated any risk associated with working above a busy downtown street
  • Sought out the most suitable and long-term warrantied products for the surfaces being painted.
  • Designed a communication plan for interacting with other trades to ensure project efficiency and safety.

The results:

  • Long lasting protection – 25 year warranty on the products used to complete the painting.
  • Physical transformation made the building a historical landmark in the downtown Vancouver area.
  • Maintained a great relationship with property manager and other trades working on site despite challenges that came to light after initial schedule.
  • Went above and beyond to ensure quality of the project was delivered and safety precautions were not compromised.
  • This earned us a repeat client and great strategic alliances with other trade companies on the project.